Find out what is hiding in your data

Some outliers are obvious, but data outliers may not be. Data entry errors, suspicious transactions and faulty processes can all cost you dearly. On the other hand, knowing about your exceptional customers is vital. Penny Analytics identifies your data outliers and gives you the reasons why.

Outlier detection for average people

You only need Excel skills and it’s easy to get started. Create an account and upload one of our free trial datasets. Choose your data retention option and place your order. 95% of orders are ready in less than an hour.

Safe and secure

Data is kept securely in the cloud and follows data retention policies. Our standard policy is that data is deleted after a month, but you can choose to get it deleted after a day.

Like a laundry service

No need for data scientists, consultants or software. You drop off and pickup and we do all the work in between. It’s simple and economic, you pay per transaction and nothing else.

We provide an alternative to the traditional ways of getting data science done. Who else would try to sell themselves as a laundry service?

Our LEARN section is packed with information. Start by watching our one minute explainer video.

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