At Penny Analytics, we provide an alternative to the traditional ways of getting data science done.  Who else would try to sell themselves as a “laundry service”?

We want you to consider your options, and choose us if it makes sense.  Here are the main options you have:

You could hire a data scientist.  If your problem is complex and you have the resources to support a data science function, this could work for you.  All hiring can be hit or miss, but this is especially true for data science as the key skills rarely get tested well during interviews. Make sure you can offer data scientists a good data infrastructure, up to date technology and opportunities to grow their careers. 

You could invest in proprietary machine learning software.  Companies behind this software will claim it is easy to use and anyone can be a “citizen data scientist”, but in reality the user needs to make several decisions which will affect the model results and you still may be on the hook for a lot of data preparation work.  This is a good option if you have a genuine and budding interest in data science.  But bear in mind that the real target for this software is the experienced data scientist who needs to be more efficient. 

You could engage a consultancy.   This will be expensive and the consultants will demand a lot of your time and energy.  You may or may not get a good result that you will be able to maintain after the consultants have gone away.  You will need to ensure that they are keeping care of your data properly and that they delete it after the engagement is over.  Finally, you should expect that any breakthroughs made during your project will make their way into sales pitches and work they do for other clients.

Have you decided to take one of these paths?  Don’t forget about Penny Analytics. You can still use us as a benchmark for your chosen solution.

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