About us

Our aim at Penny Analytics is to make analytics available to the smaller organization, simply and cost effectively.  We have spent our careers doing analytics in the corporate world, but now we want to streamline the process so that more people can benefit.  We are not a consulting practice, we are not a software company, but instead we provide an online analytics service.

How we got our name

Penny Analytics was originally named after a 1983 coin. The coin is rare and valuable because of a production error. Perhaps your own data contains valuable pennies?  Then we realized that all pennies are becoming a rarity these days.  Anyway, the theme was about finding rarities and being a bit of a rarity ourselves.

We also liked the idea that analytics could be “coin operated”, like a laundry service. And pennies are small. We have an ambition to serve the smaller customer, and do it economically.

Why didn’t you just call yourselves a laundry service, then?

We do think of ourselves as a laundry service. Give us your jumbled up bag of stuff and we will give it back to you clean and sorted. We won’t lose your socks, we won’t sniff around your clothes or make fun of your fashion sense.

But there are a surprising number of laundry places on the internet.  We want you to find us, even if “analytics” is hard to spell.

And why are all your videos about cookies?

That’s a nostalgic reference to the cookie monster, “one of these things is not like the other”. Don’t worry if that doesn’t mean anything to you, it’s a generation X thing.

What do you think? Should we have called ourselves “Outlieroo” instead?

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