First, upload one of our free trial datasets and go through the process. It will cost you nothing and you will gain a better understanding of how the service works and what to expect.

Next, upload your own data.  After your file is uploaded successfully, read the messages produced and wait for the free data profiling report to be generated. Save this report to your computer and spend time looking at it. The report contains a profile of each column and you can click on “toggle details” to find out more.  Does the profiling report accurately reflect your understanding of the data? If not, you might need to make changes and upload a new file.

Once you are satisfied with the file you have uploaded, you are ready to shop. Your uploaded file will create inventory, including one or more data retention options.  If you are still unsure about placing an order at this stage, you could place a smaller order.  To do this, go back and make a subset of your file and upload this smaller file. Then you can shop using the smaller file instead.

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